Addiction Supportive Housing (ASH) Program

The ASH Program provides intensive addiction case management to persons with long-term, chronic substance use problems and assistance to find and maintain adequate housing.

Applicants to the Addiction Supportive Housing (ASH) Program of South East Ontario will be screened to ensure that primary eligibility requirements are met. Applications will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee to determine: 1) the degree to which the applicant meets other identified admission criteria, and 2) the appropriateness of the client/program match.

An application package, at a minimum, will include: a completed application form providing demographic information; historical information including current involvement with other service providers; confirmation of compliance with eligibility requirements and admission criteria; the Admission and Discharge Tracking Summary, Health Screener and Drug History Questionnaire; the client’s Treatment Plan; and ideally, a brief narrative.

Primary Eligibility Requirements:

  • Current problematic substance use and history of multiple entries in treatment continuum
  • Homeless, at risk of being homeless or marginally housed (current & historical record)
  • Unable to obtain or maintain housing without support
  • Willingness to identify harm reduction or abstinence substance use goal(s).
  • Capability and willingness to constructively participate in the ASH Program.

Other Admission Criteria:

  • Capability with assistance to manage the housing unit and basic home maintenance/care
  • Agreement to abide by rules, policies and procedures of the ASH Program
    Ability to manage basic day-to-day personal care (including health)
  • Legitimate income source
  • No pending jail terms (although may be appropriate for wait list)
  • Does not pose a real imminent danger to self or others (including staff and other clients)